IAV sponsors Wayne State EcoCar 3 Team, supports young engineers

IAV Automotive Engineering, Inc., a leading engineering services firm, is once again partnering with Wayne State University's College of Engineering (WSU) in support of its EcoCAR team. IAV has committed to backing the WSU Hybrid Warriors EcoCAR 3 team, the only Michigan university participating in the current Department of Energy (DOE) advanced vehicle technology competition (AVTC) series. Through this investment, which includes monetary, technology and mentorship support over four years, IAV is providing hands-on, real world learning opportunities for students interested in future careers in the automotive industry.

The EcoCAR series is North America’s premiere collegiate automotive engineering competition, and is an integral part of AVTC’s 26-year history. During the current EcoCAR 3 competition, teams are challenged to redesign a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro in a way that will reduce its environmental impact while maintaining performance. Teams will apply the latest technologies and incorporate new ideas, including alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies, to lower the vehicle’s greenhouse gas and tailpipe emissions. Throughout the prestigious four-year competition (running through 2018), the 16 teams will learn – with the help of sponsors like IAV – how to apply their own unique ideas to meet the safety and high consumer standards of the iconic Camaro.

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