Wayne State University

Aim Higher

Automotive Safety Group


Integrated Automotive Safety Workshop

Monday, April 7, 2014 at McGregor Conference Center,

Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

More than 1.2 million fatalities still occur each year on roadways worldwide.  Continued improvements on vehicle and road safety remain a critically important topic in the community of automotive safety.  With growing technologies in sensor development, control algorithms, electronic-mechanical control systems, and crash avoidance technologies, integration of these new active safety innovations to traditional passive safety system becomes an important field in the study for injury mitigation.  With wide use of many hand-held devices brought into the vehicle, and added technologies supplied by automotive companies into the vehicle, driver distraction becomes a new frontier in deciding how much technology can be implemented in a vehicle without overloading the driver.  This workshop is aimed at providing a forum for engineers working in both active and passive safety areas, to integrate their advancements, and to set new directions for future safety research.  The workshop will be free to all professionals working in the automotive industry.  Advanced registration is mandatory for participation.  An important feature is that after the morning talks by keynote speakers, we will have break-out sessions in the afternoon with individual discussions on critically important topics in this area.