Meet the chair

Meet Guangzhao Mao, Ph.D.

Dr. Guangzhao Mao is interim chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Wayne State University. She has served as chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science since 2015 and has been a member of the WSU faculty since 1995. An expert in nanoengineering, Dr. Mao's research group develops a wide range of nanomaterials, including molecular nanowires for electrochemical sensing, gold nanoparticle carriers for targeted drug delivery in spinal cord injury and cancer therapies, and bioreducible polymer coatings for programmable gene delivery.

Dr. Mao (right) with students and alumni at Design Day.

Hometown: Nanjing, China

How do biomedical engineering and chemical engineering relate to each other?
Biomedical engineering and chemical engineering are separate branches of engineering that apply similar engineering principles to impact society. Biomedical engineering faculty at Wayne State collaborate with chemical engineering faculty as well as faculty from other departments to work on team research. Wayne State offers ABET accredited biomedical engineering and chemical engineering B.S. degrees. The biomedical engineering curriculum is distinct from the chemical engineering curriculum.  

What's your favorite aspect of the biomedical engineering field?
I work in the area of targeted drug delivery and see a bright future for increased use of nanotechnology in medicine.

What are some exciting areas of study/research in biomedical engineering?
Biomedical engineering faculty at Wayne State are conducting cutting-edge research in important areas including injury biomechanics, medical imaging, and tissue engineering. 

Who are your professional role models?
I am inspired by my Ph.D. advisors to strive for excellence in my profession and serve as a role model to my own students. I have worked and published with some of the most prominent scientists in Germany in my field. My international research experience makes me think globally in my role as a professor and department chair.