Undergraduate advising

The undergraduate biomedical engineering program at Wayne State has many features that limit its flexibility. However, we strive to work with students to design and develop a complete program of study that meets your educational and professional goals.  We encourage all students to speak early and frequently with the undergraduate student success coordinator and/or a department academic advisor to discuss curriculum options.

Each student has two department academic advisors. The department administrative academic advisor is common to all undergraduate students. Each student additionally has a professional advisor to consult for details specific to their concentrations, or to discuss options in that concentration prior to selection.

Biomedical Engineering Professional Advisors
Biomechanics Biomaterials Biomedical Instrumentation
Dr. King 2016 Dr. Lam 2016 Dr. Kou 2016
Dr. Cavanaugh 2017 Dr. Ren 2017 Dr. Mehrmohammadi 2017
Dr. Kavdia 2018 Drs. Borisov / Gelovani 2018 Dr. Gelovani 2018
Dr. Yang 2019 Dr. Sundararaghavan 2019 Dr. Avanaki 2019

(Cohorts beyond 2019 rotate back to the first row, e.g. Class of 2020 advisors are Drs. King, Lam and Kou.)

Concentration forms should be filled out in the junior year, before registering for senior year courses, and taken to the appropriate professional advisor for discussion of course selection and signature. Completed forms can be scanned and emailed to undergraduate chair for academic record review and approval, or brought in person for review and approval.

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