Transfer students

BME undergraduate program transfer guides

The undergraduate BME program at Wayne State is a four-year, cohort-based curriculum. Therefore, in order to prepare for admission as a transfer student, prospective students must complete a minimum set of courses so that they can join the cohort at the appropriate point in the program. Students who do not meet the full set of prerequisites may request consideration for admission at an earlier point in the program.

Wayne State transfer and AP credit evaluation

Prerequisite coursework

The following minimum requirements must be met for each of the entry points into the program:

Year 1: This is the preferred point of entry into the BSBME program as it provides the best course plan. Students may apply to enter directly from high school or as a transfer student to begin in the Fall semester. Transfer students should have completed the following coursework:

  • Math: Algebra and pre-calculus classes allowing placement in MAT 2010 (Calc I) or higher
  • Chemistry: CHM 1040 or placement into CHM 1225 or higher
  • English: ENG 1010 or placement into ENG 1020 or higher

Year 2: Students who want to join the program for the second year will actually complete some coursework over the preceding summer in order to join the 2nd year cohort at the appropriate place in the curriculum. The following courses must be completed before transferring into the program:

  • Math: MAT 2010 and MAT 2020
  • Chemistry: CHM 1225/1230
  • Physics: PHY 2175
  • English: ENG 1020
  • Biology: BIO 1510 (with lab)
  • Engineering: BE 1300 and BE 1500

Students admitted to the second year of the BSBME program will then complete BME 1925 (2 cr) during the intervening Spring/Summer semester. Students who have not completed one or two of the above courses may be able to take the courses during the Spring/Summer semester, but this option should be discussed with a BME advisor as early as possible to facilitate planning. Not all listed courses are available during the Spring/Summer semester at Wayne State.

Visit the Transfer Credit website for more information on how to transition to Wayne State University.