Wayne State University

Aim Higher

Biomedical Engineering


Dynamic Materials Testing: Four servo hydraulic Instron universal material testing systems and a high-speed Instron material testing machine. The high-speed Instron features a full digital closed loop control system and automatic calibration and auto ranging programmable event detectors. The maximum speed of this dynamic testing system is 20M/S.

Data Acquisition Systems: High speed data acquisition systems include DTS ( 128 channels) and Kayser Threde (64 channels) to capture data at a rate of up to 100,000 samples/s per channel.

Video Acquisition Systems: Nine digital video cameras capable of capturing up to 100,000 frames/s.

ATD's: Family of Hybrid III dummies includes six-month CRABI, 5th percentile female, 50th percentile male, and 95th percentile male. The Center also has a BioSID and a THOR dummy.

Other: Complete in house machine shop and a vast collection of transducers.

Contact: King H. Yang
e-mail: aa0007@wayne.edu
Tel: (313) 577-0252