Curriculum tracks and course requirements

Total credits for graduation

  • 32 for thesis degree plan
  • 34 for non-thesis degree plan

Core courses

  • Nine credits of core courses (BME 5010 [Adv. Quantitative Physiology], BME5020, BME8070) are required for Thesis/Non-Thesis degree plan.

Track related required courses (min. 12 credits)

  • All students in this track will take a minimum of 12 credits from the required course list

Non-thesis-one extra track related required/elective course

  • A non-thesis student will take one more course from the track related-required or elective course list

Overall general requirements for M.S. BME Degree

  • 7000 and above level requirement (six to nine credits for thesis/non thesis) 
  • BME 5010 Advanced Quantitative Physiology, 8070 and 7990/7996 do not count toward 7000 requiremen
  • Mazimum of twelve credits in non BME courses. Prior approval of advisor must be received for courses outside of BME. 
  • Maximum of four credits in BME 5990, BME 7990 or BME 7996 (Directed Study/Research)
  • Maximum of four credits in BME 6991 (Internship)
  • Courses from certain colleges and departments do not count toward BME degree; these include Colleges of Business, Law and Education
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Curriculum tracks