Biomedical engineering associate professor co-chairs White House Task Force on Technology for Aging

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering Michele Grimm has been asked to co-chair the White House Task Force on Technology for Aging.

Grimm will serve in this position for one year to help identify the needs of the aging population as they strive to remain independent as well as how technologies can assist with this goal. The task force is made up of many representatives from departments and agencies across the federal government, including the National Science Foundation.  Grimm is currently on leave from the University as she serves as Program Director for the General & Age-Related Disabilities Engineering Program and the Biomedical Engineering Program at the NSF.

“I am pleased to have been given this exciting opportunity to interact with individuals from numerous federal agencies in order to evaluate the current state of technologies that support independence for our aging population, as well as identify areas that deserve attention through research and development,” said Grimm.  “It is an opportunity to learn a lot as well as provide my expertise to this project.”

At Wayne State, Grimm served as associate dean for academic affairs in the College of Engineering from 2003 through 2010. She returned to the biomedical engineering department in 2010 to establish the highly successful undergraduate program.

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