Biomedical engineering professor featured in Detroiter Magazine article on Michigan medical advancements

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"Many of those involved credit the creative brainpower attracted to Michigan by its historic industries with creating a culture that fuels innovation in other areas. Dr. Juri Gelovani, who heads the medical engineering program at Wayne State’s College of Engineering, said Michigan has “a huge intellectual infrastructure” in place from its manufacturing, electronics and pharmaceutical heritage. “That puts Michigan and Southeast Michigan ahead of the curve,” Gelovani said.

As just one example, Gelovani points to Delphinus Medical Technology, a Plymouth-based company that’s in stage three clinical trials with a revolutionary imaging technology for breast cancer. The procedure developed by Delphinus allows technicians to measure breast tissue without radiation or pain to the patient as an alternative to X-rays, MRIs or CT scans. The company was founded by a medical doctor at the Karmanos Cancer Institute and a researcher at WSU.

Gelovani said there’s tremendous opportunity in medical- and bio-tech right now as the country’s health care system adapts to the dictates of the ACA and incorporates rapidly evolving technology. Smaller startup entities like Delphinus are well-positioned to capitalize on that change, he said, even as some of the industry’s larger, established players struggle."

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