Research involving green cement to replace conventional cement

Wayne State University researchers within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering are developing several green or eco-friendly cements using fly ash and magnesium oxide to replace conventional cement. Currently, the production of conventional cement accounts for 5 to 8 percent of the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. The introduction of green cement will lead to a vast reduction of global CO2 emissions without sacrificing construction quality.

WSU researchers are focusing on the optimization of fly ash, which is a waste byproduct from coal burning, to produce a much higher strength cement with the addition of an alkaline solution. In addition, researchers are conducting similar studies with magnesium oxide. The use of magnesium oxide as a conventional cement replacement provides a more eco-friendly and energy efficient process that could also lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions. As a result of this research, future construction using an eco-friendly cement would have a very positive impact on reducing CO2 levels, while providing another practical solution to the global warming issue.

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