Geotechnical Lab

This laboratory houses the college's soil classification testing apparatus (sieve analysis, hydrometer analysis, Atterberg Limits), soil preparation and Proctor compaction equipment, and permeability (constant and falling head, and triaxial), one-dimensional consolidation, unconfined compression, direct shear and triaxial shear testing machines. All consolidation and shear testing systems are networked with a computer for automated load control and data acquisition. In addition to this standard equipment, we have dynamic triaxial/resilient modulus, CBR and other specialized testing systems with electronic and computer support for students' use in this laboratory.

Additionally, several pieces of equipment are available for geosynthetics testing and advanced testing of hydraulic conductivity by a Trautwein flexible-wall permeameter. The two major pieces of equipment in this laboratory are a 100KN capacity Instron Universal Testing Machine for multipurpose uniaxial testing and a large (7'X7'X7') environmental chamber for durability exposure investigations. Additional equipment housed in this laboratory includes nondestructive ultrasonic testing devices with peripherals and several PC's for data acquisition and analysis.

This laboratory supports the experimental component of the Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering course (CE 4510).

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