Bachelor of Science

Students pursuing a B.S. in chemical, biological and materials engineering at WSU can choose one of three areas of concentration:

  • Biological engineering
  • Molecular engineering and nanotechnology
  • Product and process engineering

Concentration Options

Program educational objective:

The overall objective of Wayne State University's BSCHE program is to prepare students for a) success in their immediate and long-term careers as practicing chemical engineers; and b) success in continuing education in graduate and professional schools.

Chemical Engineering - Honors Opportunity

Chemical Engineering undergraduate students participating in University Honors or AGRADE may pursue departmental honors. Courses and credits to satisfy the Chemical Engineering departmental honors requirements are listed below. This information does not contain all of the degree requirements to graduate. Please see the Chemical Engineering advisor for details.

Department requirements (24 credits total):
-Need a minimum GPA of 3.5, with at least a 3.3 GPA in Honors courses
-11 credits must be in Engineering Honors courses including the following:
  o BE 2100 Honors – Basic Engineering III: Probability and Statistics in Engineering (3 cr.)
  o CHE 6810 – Chemical Process Integration (WI) (4 cr.)
  o One Honors Option in a 5000 level or higher Engineering Technical Elective (4 cr.)
- At least one HON 42XX Honors seminar (3 cr.).

The additional 10 credits required for graduation with Honors may be taken in any department, including additional Engineering courses.

Suggestions include: approved AGRADE courses, BIO 1510, CHM 1225/1230, ECO 2010 or ECO 2020, ENG
1050 (in place of ENG 1020), MAT 2010, MAT 2020