Graduate Certificate

Admission requirements

A student needs to be in a master's or Ph.D. program in the College of Engineering at Wayne State University to be admitted into the CPS Graduate Certificate Program. To enable the current employees of the Michigan industry and government to enroll in the CPS program, a person who has already earned a master's or Ph.D. in a discipline of engineering may also be admitted to the CPS program, subject to the approval of the program director.

Academic requirements

To graduate from the CPS Graduate Certificate Program, a student needs to complete the courses required by at least one of the CPS tracks as specified in Section 5. In addition, the student needs to meet the following requirements by Wayne State University for graduate certificate programs in general:

  • A student needs to earn at least 12 graduate-level semester credits.
  • At least one course must be at the 7000 level or higher.
  • No transfer credit will be accepted for the certificate program.
  • A minimum grade point average of 3.0 must be achieved in certificate coursework.
  • A student must complete the certificate program within three years.
  • No more than nine semester credits taken in the CPS Graduate Certificate Program may be applied toward a graduate degree, subject to the approval of the relevant academic unit and graduate office.

CPS tracks

To enable students to have a broad, fundamental understanding of CPS, the program requires each student to take the course "CSC 5260/ECE 5260: Introduction to Cyber-Physical Systems." Then, depending on students' interests, they can choose to take two intermediate-level courses and one advanced course in one of the six tracks of the CPS program:

  • Sensing
  • Computing and Networking
  • Control and Robotics
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Grid
  • Smart Health
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