Course Syllabi & Documents

Our program is constantly reviewing and improving our course offerings to best meet the needs of our students as they compete in an increasingly competitive, global technical climate.

Please select the links below for our latest course offerings syllabi, including class description, topics covered and instructor contact information. Please note that these are subject to change.

Core Courses

Advanced Analytics Concentration Courses:

Data Driven Business Concentration Courses:

  • DSB 6100 - Marketing Analytics
  • DSB 6200 - Manufacturing & Supply Chain Analytics
  • DSB 6300 - Social & Collaboration Networks
  • DSB 7500 - Applied Business Analytics Practicum

Computational Engineering Concentration Courses:

  • DSE 6100 - Data Modeling & Management
  • DSE 6200 - Modern Databases
  • DSE 6300 - Data Science Applications Development
  • DSE 7500 - Applied Engineering Practicum

Program Plans of Work Templates

Advanced Analytics Concentration

Data Driven Business Concentration

Computational Engineering Concentration

Current Schedule of Classes

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