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GPD: Multiple Role Management
February 9 2016 at 3:00 PM
Welcome Center
The aim of this GPD is to discuss ways in which graduate students manage their multiple roles in a healthy and satisfying manner. Panel members will briefly introduce themselves and discuss their multiple role management histories. They will then lead breakout sessions with small groups of students to discuss their experiences. Students are encouraged to reflect on the following questions prior to attending: 1. To what extent to do you believe that it is possible to balance or manage your multiple roles as a graduate student, employee, parent, child, caregiver, friend, volunteer (or other roles you may have)? 2. To what extent to do you believe that faculty are able to manage these multiple roles and what have you witnessed among faculty and mentors? 3. What are some the challenges in managing your roles? 4. What are some solutions that have worked well in managing your roles? 5. What are you hoping to learn by attending a session on managing your roles? Panel and Breakout Session Leaders: Dr. Krista Brumley (Sociology), Dr. Annmarie Cano (The Graduate School; Psychology), Dr. Anne Duggan (Classical and Modern Languages, Literature, & Culture), Dr. Sharon Lean (Political Science), Dr. Katheryn Maguire and Dr. Donyale Padgett (Communication), Dr. Kevin Theis (Immunology & Microbiology).
COS Pivot and WSU ResearchConnect Training
February 23 2016 at 2:30 PM
Undergraduate Library, David Adamany
Faculty, staff and students are invited to a hands-on demonstration to learn how to join and use COS Pivot and WSU ResearchConnect. Wayne State University subscribes to COS Pivot, the single most comprehensive source of funding information available. Whether your work is in the sciences or the arts, COS Pivot services can help support and advance your research. Much more efficient than Googling, the database is an aggregation of funding information that is verified for accuracy, updated for currency and formatted for quick, targeted searching. COS Pivot is available to all current WSU faculty, staff and students. Click on the links below to view COS Pivot handouts Getting StartedFinding ScholarsFinding Funding OpportunitiesYour COS PIVOT Home Page In an effort to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary research, Wayne State University is committed to using innovative research tools and information technologies to promote collaboration. ResearchConnect is one of these tools which provides a searchable database of expertise across most disciplines at WSU. Explore the profiles, publications, and grant data of hundreds of researchers within our university. Follow the network and collaborations within WSU, throughout the SciVal Experts Community, and across the national DIRECT and VIVO networks. The publications and grants listed for faculty members reflect their expertise in the unit(s) with which they are affiliated here at WSU or at prior institutions and offer a snapshot of their knowledge and interests. This training seminar will take place Tuesday, February 23, 2016, 2:30-4 PM at the Undergraduate Library, Computer Lab A.  This event is free, but space is limited, and registration is required!
GPD: Multiple Role Management II
February 23 2016 at 3:00 PM
Welcome Center
The aim of this GPD is to continue to discuss ways in which graduate students manage their multiple roles in a healthy and satisfying manner. This GPD builds upon the discussion that was begun in Multiple Role Management Part I. Panel members will summarize students' experiences and questions and provide strategies to manage multiple role challenges that were identified in the first session. Panel: Dr. Sharon Lean (Political Science), Dr. Krista Brumley (Sociology), Dr. Katheryn Maguire and Dr. Donyale Padgett (Communication), Dr. Kevin Theis (Immunology & Microbiology), and Dr. Anne Duggan (Classical and Modern Languages, Literature, & Culture)
IDP Session for Doctoral Students
March 1 2016 at 4:00 PM
Undergraduate Library, David Adamany
Individual Development Plans (IDPs) are career planing documents that help students organize their thoughts about career planning and to discuss those plans with their faculty advisors. Advisors on the other hand need to know the career plans of their advisees to help them develop the skills necessary to be successful and to point them to the resources available across the university designed to help students develop career skills beyond the academic knowledge of their discipline.  IDPs are forward looking documents that result in an action plan for continuing the skill development necessary to be successful in whatever it is that the student wishes to pursue after graduation. They differ from the Annual Review of Student Progress which is a backward looking document looking at the accomplishments over the past year. Graduate School Policy is that doctoral students prepare and submit an IDP by the end of their first year. The IDP is then to be updated annually thereafter. Students and faculty can attend either session, but one session  focuses more toward the faculty (using the IDP to discuss career planning with your students) and the other more toward students (thinking about career planning and talking to your  advisor about your career goals). In addition to some overview discussion, we will walk through the mechanics of actually using the IDP workflow system to submit an IDP or view a previously submitted IDP. .There will be time for students to work on and submit their IDPs and time for faculty to review IDPs of their students and to discuss with Graduate School staff resources that might be available to the students in response to the described developmental interests of their students. Session Leader:  Dr. Andrew Feig (The Graduate School; Chemistry)
Write Successful NSF CAREER Award Proposals Seminar
March 3 2016 at 1:30 PM
McGregor Memorial Conference Center
The Office of the Vice President for Research is pleased to offer this research career development award writing seminar for WSU faculty, post-docs, and space permitting, advanced doctoral students on Thursday, March 3, 2016, 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM at the McGregor Memorial Conference Center, 495 Gilmour Mall, Rooms FGH.  The OVPR is sponsoring a major portion of the cost to bring Grant Writers’ Seminars and Workshops to campus to conduct this seminar presented by Dr. Peg AtKisson. Attendance at a Write Winning Grants seminar previously hosted by OVPR is a pre-requisite for this seminar. The purpose of the National Science Foundation’s CAREER Award is to create teacher-scholars – faculty members who will use their research to attract and motivate students to learn better. It is a very prestigious award.  Acquisition of a CAREER Award is particularly distinguishing in the developing career of an assistant professor, which is why so many apply for it – most without success. The principal reason for failure is lack of understanding of what NSF is trying to accomplish with the award, i.e., the purpose of the award, which is what this seminar teaches. Space is limited! You must register by February 12, 2016.  The fee for seminar is $50 and may be paid by personal check or through a department index account transfer. Payment or index information must be received prior to the seminar to reserve your spot.  Attendance at a Write Winning Grants seminar previously hosted by OVPR is a pre-requisite for this seminar.  Please contact sjames@wayne.edu if you have questions.
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