Bachelor of Science in Electric Transportation Technology

A moratorium was approved starting Fall 2017. No new students will be admitted.

The bachelor's degree in electric transportation technology (BSETT) prepares students for dynamic careers in an up-and-coming area of the automotive industry. Electric transportation technologists use the principals of science and math to solve problems in industry and business, both in the public and privatize sectors. They work alongside engineers, independently, as well as in a supervisory capacity. This field is in touch with a wide and growing range of applications of technology, and therefore has many applications in today's workforce.
Possible applications for a BSETT degree include the various aspects of working with electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles as well as fuel-cell vehicles. As demand for efficiency and sustainability grow in the transportation sector, BSETT graduates will be able to meet the needs of industry.

Our program

The BSETT curriculum is a broad-based, technically-oriented education that emphasizes the application of advanced technology to solve problems, design and develop products, and improve processes, procedures, equipment, and facilities. The BSETT degree program offers a wide choice of courses in a variety of technical areas including:

  • Automotive electric and electronic systems
  • Electric machine design and application for automotive
  • Control systems for electric and hybrid electric systems
  • Energy storage systems for electric and hybrid electric vehicles
  • In-vehicle networking and embedded systems
  • Fuel cell power systems for transportation
  • Mechatronics in vehicle control systems

Educational outreach

Wayne State students pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Electric Transportation Technology may have the option of taking classes at the Schoolcraft Center. Contact Joyce Lien, Engineering Technology advisor, at or 313-577-0800 for additional information.

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