Senior projects

Fall 2016 senior projects

  • Construct and program a multifunction quadcopter
  • Using mobile robotic system for environmental clean-up (M.R.S.E.C)
  • Motion-based auto door opener
  • Bluetooth automation with Arduino (Household applications)
  • Autonomous vehicles and their applications
  • Initial software development for VoteInTheGo prototype app for iPhone 5S or higher
  • Manufacturing scrap reduction initiative at L&L Products
  • Robots with automatic obstacle avoidance function WIFI controlled using Arduino micro-controller
  • Recording stabilization via motor balancing video camera grip
  • Development of a navigation comparison tool
  • The engineering, design, fabrication and testing of automotive ABTS seatback latch
  • Analyzing Fanuc robots capabilities by comparing similar programs
  • Transforming a chitin powder into a 3D printable hydro-gel to be used in biomedical applications
  • Design and implement tube headphone amplifier with bluetooth input

Winter 2016 senior projects

  • Analysis of Fanuc F430iw Robot Trajectory and workcell integration with PLC
  • Cooling unit for vehicles when engine is not running
  • Design and implement handicapped friendly smart vegetable garden using microprocessor with IR manual override
  • Design of a quality control system for measuring edge offsets with subpixel accuracy
  • Design of an Arduino-based home automated solution: Using Bluetooth speech recognition, photo-optics and 3D gesturing technology
  • Design, build, and discuss how a Theremin works and why it is important to use shielded cable in certain design applications
  • Developing an Android operating system for WSU
  • Transmitting data between Arduino boards through CAN bus
  • IT support at a Fortune 500 company
  • Promoting coding and STEM education using FUZE technology
  • Design and fabricate a cost-efficient water storage solar irrigation system
  • Detection, analyzation and correction of an anomalous pulse in a 12 volt actuator
  • Autonomously controlled RC car

Fall 2015 senior projects

  • Integration of collaborative robots (Cobot) in advanced manufacturing systems
  • Design of 12V LMO/LTO battery
  • Design and implementation of a manufacturing information system for global automotive labeling 
  • Controlling a garage door with a smartphone
  • Robot modelling, simulation and validation for manufacturing applications
  • Design of smart irrigation control system
  • Building and testing an electric vehicle hybrid energy storage system
  • Design of an IC amplifier circuit pop can speaker
  • Detection of movement of a disable patient in a wheelchair
  • Design and development of a motorized elliptical
  • Integration of FANUC robot IR vision systems and rotary table
  • Use of wireless device to monitor and/or adjust custom devices
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