Graduation requirements

Grade point average

A minimum grade point average of 3.00 is required for the M.S. and graduate certificate programs. A maximum of one course in which a "C" has been received may be used to meet graduation requirements, provided the "C" is offset by equivalent credits of "A" to maintain the required 3.00 average.

Number of credits

The Master of Science degree is offered under the following options:

  • Plan A: 32 credits, including an eight-credit thesis.
  • Plan C: 32 credits of course work in an approved EVE Plan of Work.

Requirements for both options include at least 24 credits in electric-drive vehicle engineering courses and at least eight credits of 7000-level or higher course work. The 7000-level or higher course requirements can be satisfied through EVE courses, directed studies (EVE 7990), directed research (EVE 8996) or thesis credits (EVE 8999) of EVE-related projects, or approved 7000-level or higher classes from other departments. Both options require two core courses: EVE 5110 and EVE 5120.

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The graduate certificate requires a minimum of 12 credits. The core course, EVE 5110, is required, and a maximum of four credits is allowed in research or directed studies. Should a student become interested later in pursuing the master's degree after completing the graduate certificate, up to nine of the 12 certificate credits can be transferred toward the master's degree. All course work must be completed in accordance with the regulations of the college and the Graduate School, including the academic regulations of the university, degree and certificate requirements, and the academic regulations for the College of Engineering.

Progress toward degree/certificate

Full- and part-time students will be permitted to enroll in the master's degree and graduate certificate program. Students enrolled in the graduate certificate program must complete the program within three years. Students enrolled in the master's degree program must complete the program within six years from beginning the certificate.