Connect Services

Connect Services maintains the College of Engineering's computing and multimedia facilities for classroom use. Areas and responsibilities of the Connect Services group include:

  • Classroom support
  • Classroom management
  • Special event computer classroom scheduling and preparation
  • Multimedia classroom management and training
  • Student technology services information
  • Software license management and support
  • Student software technical support 


Remote Desktop Connectivity and Security

All remote desktop connections (Microsoft Remote Desktop, VNC, SSH, etc.) to internal College of Engineering resources now require a connection to Wayne State University's VPN in order to successfully connect. This change was made earlier this year to increase the security of our internal resources that are accessible from outside the University.

If you are not familiar with using the VPN, please see the following C&IT web site:

If you would like assistance using the VPN, please contact the Engineering Help Desk using the contact information listed below.


Contact Us

The Engineering Help Desk is conveniently located in Main Engineering room 1410 to give technical assistance to students and instructors. The Engineering Help Desk can also be contacted by phone at 313-577-7555 Monday through Friday 8:30am-10:00pm and Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm or email us at