Industrial and systems engineers, like other engineers, are problem solvers. They design, streamline and improve complex processes and systems for maximum efficiency, whether the goal is to save time, save money, improve quality — or all three. Industrial and systems engineers are in high demand in nearly every sector of the economy, from manufacturing and service industries to energy.

At Wayne State's College of Engineering, you'll learn from nationally renowned faculty experts and benefit from our High Impact Practices of Student Success: team-based learning, global perspective, undergraduate research, internships and co-ops, and community service.


Alumnus receives Pritzker Best Doctoral Dissertation Award
Meet the Chair
Industrial engineering alumnus follows path through GET Ph.D. program to prominence in auto parts industry
Dr. Rickli and Dr. Huang receive $370K NSF DUE grant
Masters Degree - Data Science and Business Analytics


Renowned expert in healthcare system engineering, Six Sigma, statistical methods in quality and reliability engineering, lean product development and engineering design methodologies. Author of seven books and more than 93 research papers. 

Kai Yang

150 years in the heart of Detroit