FACULTY SPOTLIGHT: Meet Our New Lecturer, Jayant Trewn!

Meet our new Lecturer: Jayant Trewn, ASQ Fellow, PhD, Lean Six Sigma Master black belt, Performance Coach and Advisor

Jayant Trewn is an Industrial Engineer specializing in Quality Systems design, development, implementation and management.   Jayant has accumulated over a decade of experience working in healthcare organizations such as Spectrum Health Medical Group, Beaumont Hospitals, and service organizations such as Thomson Reuters and Lason Systems, where he built healthcare and service delivery process improvement programs based on lean, Six Sigma and PDCA concepts.  He also worked for two years at Thomson Reuters working as Director of Quality Assurance, IP and Science division, managing the quality of acquisition of data for scientific research. Jayant has also taught Higher Secondary Calculus and Statistics at University Liggett School, MI. Jayant is a Robotics mentor and coach and he coaches high school girls Field Hockey.

Jayant has been teaching quality engineering since 1997 in his role current role of Lecturer at Industrial and Systems Engineering, Wayne State University and in the past as Adjunct Professor at Lawrence Technological University, Wayne State University and Oakland University, all in Michigan, in addition to giving quality engineering talks, seminars and workshops at numerous national and international conferences.  Jayant has also served as a Research Analyst for Wayne State University, Center for Urban Studies and Office of Strategic Planning from 1993 to 1999.


In order to help students and faulty learn a little more about Dr. Trewn, here is a Q and A!

Q. What made you choose Engineering as a career path?

A. My father is a marine engineer and has been my inspiration to select engineering as a career. All through my childhood I was a critical thinker as defined by Dr. Jose Cuello - "The ability to understand how things work". I was fascinated by how things worked to the extent that I pulled apart a Bell and Howell 8 mm projector thinking that the movie was being enacted inside the projector. That disposition of critical thinking led me to engage in science and technology through my high schooling and eventually landed me at the Regional Engineering College in Tiruchirapalli, India.


Q. Are you excited to be working in the Industrial and Systems Engineering department here at Wayne State?

A. Yes, most certainly.  This is a "full circle as a teacher" for me.  I graduated with a terminal degree from ISE in 1999, have taught here as an adjunct faculty since then and now return as a lecturer.  Indeed, an honor to teach where you were taught.


Q. What classes do you look forward to teaching?

A. My comfort zone in teaching matches with my research focus and my two decade long (immediate past) experience in the industry.  I look forward to teaching Engineering Statistics, Data Mining, Reliability Engineering and performance improvement (Lean and Six Sigma).


Q. What contributions are you most excited to bring to WSU in terms of research? 

A. I am currently researching in two areas, Project Based learning and "Big Data" driven analytics and performance improvement in Healthcare operations management.


Jayant has written three books, Kaizen Demystified (MCS Media, Inc.), Practical Lean Sigma for Healthcare Kaizen Demystified (MCS Media, Inc.) ad Multivariate Statistical Methods in Quality Engineering (McGraw-Hill Education) and he has been published in international journals.  Jayant is a Fellow of ASQ and he holds a Doctorate degree in Industrial Engineering from the College of Engineering, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA. He earned his MBA in Information Systems at Wayne State University and his Bachelor of Engineering degree from Madras University, India.  Connect with Jayant at LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/in/jayantstrewn)


Dr. Jayant Trewn is a wonderful addition to our ISE Department, and we look forward to working together! 


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