ISE Student Wins First at Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference Awards

Industrial & Systems Engineering PhD student, Wujun Si, won first place for the Best Student Paper Award in the track of Quality Control and Reliability Engineering (QCRE) at the 2016 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference (ISERC). This award recognizes outstanding research in the field of industrial engineering. The coauthored paper, "An Enhanced Functional Linear Model and Application in Reliability Analysis by Utilizing Material Microstructures," was written by Wujun Si, Qingyu Yang, and Xin Wu, and Professor Xin Wu from Mechanical Engineering. 

The research support by National Science Foundation project, titled “Failure Prediction and Reliability Analysis of Ultra-High Strength Steel Autobody Manufacturing Systems by Utilizing Material Microstructure Properties,” is the first attempt to incorporate material microstructure and micro-damage information into a reliability study that fundamentally improves the accuracy of failure and reliability prediction. The research can lead to solutions for the auto industry in manufacturing energy saving auto structures. With improved reliability and failure prediction of the manufacturing tooling systems, manufacturers will be able to perform optimal maintenance planning and reduce tool failures, resulting in improved product quality in products and reduced manufacturing costs. The methodology is applicable for a wide range of industries such as aerospace/aircraft, machinery/machine tools, electronics and bio-devices.

During the past two years, the team has made significant progress on this NSF project. Six papers have been generated and submitted to the top IE journals, among them two papers have been published/accepted by the Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIE) Transactions, the flagship journal of IIE. The paper titled “Optimal maintenance planning for repairable multi-component systems subject to dependent competing risks” was featured by IIE Transactions in the IIE’s Industrial Engineer magazine, April 2015, to highlight its contribution. The developed methods have been applied in the manufacturing processes of a major U.S. auto corporation with improved reliability and optimal maintenance planning that has significantly reduced maintenance costs. In addition, another conference paper, titled “A Random Effect Autologistic Regression Model with Application for Characterizing Variation of Multiple Microstructure Samples,” by Ph.D. student Nailong Zhang and Professor Yang was awarded the Best Student Paper Award in Process Industry Track at the Industrial and Systems Engineer Research Conference (ISERC) 2015.

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