SAVE International Offers Annual Value Methodology Best Student Award

Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) at Wayne Sate University has been selected as one of the schools to receive a SAVE International/ Miles Value Foundation (MVF) Best Student Award ($250.00) in Value Methodology. The first annual award for WSU started in Spring/Summer 2016, although the program has been offered by ISE for years. The ISE department runs a graduate level course in Value Methodology every Spring/Summer under IE6220: Value Engineering with Dr. Celestine Aguwa as the instructor. The department and SAVE International have been in collaboration through course development, book supplies, and free student membership among others.

Value Methodology was founded by Laurence D. Miles, author of the renowned “Techniques of Value Analysis and Engineering” (1961). It is a systematic approach of increasing value of products, processes or services through function analysis. ­­­Value Engineering, Value Analysis and Value Management are a part of the Value Methodology aimed at increasing profits, enhancing quality, and decreasing cost. Miles is considered the Godfather of Value Engineering, and he founded the Miles Value Foundation (MVF) to advance the field through innovation, education and advocacy.

MVF works hand in hand with SAVE International, an international society that has set the standard in Value Methodology. With training, publications, networking and recognition alongside the Value Methodology certification, SAVE International members are sure to benefit from joining this organization.

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