Biomedical engineering professor interviewed about the dangers of concussions

Zhifeng Kou, assistant professor of biomedical engineering and radiation, was interviewed at halftime of the men's basketball game on January 3. Kou spoke about the dangers of concussions in the sports world, an area of focus in his research.

Kou, who has worked with the everyday patient and NFL professionals, had some advice for those wondering about the dangers of concussions:

  • Just because the medical term is a "mild concussion" does not mean the effects are mild. Concussions can have permanent effects on a person's quality of life.
  • Some symptoms to look out for are loss of consciousness after impact, memory loss, fatigue and emotional control problems.
  • Most people show symptoms very soon after a concussion, but some may not show symptoms for months. If you fear someone is at risk of a concussion, help them seek medical treatment immediately.

Kou and Wayne State University are working to discover a more effective way to detect concussions by checking for bleeding in the brain and examining the flow of blood throughout the brain.

Listen to the full interview here.

Read more about Dr. Kou's research. 


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