Civil and environmental engineering professor conducting water tests in Flint homes

FLINT, MI -- Researchers from Wayne State University and volunteers from the United Way hit Flint's street Saturday to perform tests on residents' drinking water.

Dr. Shawn McElmurry is an Associate Professor at Wayne State University's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. This is the second major water sampling trip McElmurry has made to Flint since October.

McElmurry said his goal was to test more than 40 houses Saturday, Dec. 5, but he wasn't sure if researchers and volunteers would get to them all. He said he first started working with the city about four years ago to address infrastructure issues.

"I actually started working in Flint four years ago trying to address some of the infrastructure issues that occur when you have a shrinking population and deindustrialization when industry moves out but you still have that infrastructure for that large population and that big industry." McElmurry said. "That presents challenges how to manage it, not just financially, but from a water quality perspective as well as a delivery of service."

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