College of Engineering launches new graduate certificate program in cyber-physical systems

The Wayne State University Board of Governors approved the establishment of a graduate certificate program in cyber-physical systems (CPS) in the College of Engineering.

As the world gets “smarter” and more connected, Wayne State is demonstrating a commitment to innovation in connectivity and influence in transforming how people interact with and manipulate the physical world. This certificate program is the first of its kind in Michigan, focusing on mechanisms known as CPS, which are designed as a seamless network of physical components (also known as the Internet of Things) and computational algorithms instead of as standalone devices.

Research from College of Engineering faculty and input from industry partners will provide a framework for the program that is expected to provide project-based training using CPS principles and techniques to solve real-world challenges. The program will weave core scientific and engineering concepts with diversification options to give students a foundation in CPS for a wide range of domains such as transportation, water and energy, industrial automation, advanced manufacturing, health care and public safety.

“Given the transdisciplinary nature of CPS and the broad impact of CPS applications, it is essential for having a CPS education program to provide comprehensive education of the involved scientific and engineering fundamentals and to offer choices of the scope, depth and types of learning activities,” said Weisong Shi, professor of computer science and director of the CPS program.

After taking a required introductory course, students will take two intermediate-level courses and one advanced course, choosing from six different program tracks: sensing, computing and networking, control and robotics, smart transportation, smart grid, and smart health.

Students must hold an M.S. or Ph.D. in engineering or a related field, or be admitted into a graduate program in the College of Engineering to pursue a CPS graduate certificate. The college expects graduate students from all engineering departments to enroll.

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