Detroit Aerial Innovations co-founder interviewed on WDTK AM 1400

albert-jose-daiWayne State University senior electrical engineering student Albert Jose was interviewed during the WSU men's basketball halftime show on The Patriot AM 1400 WDTK. Jose is the co-founder of Detroit Aerial Innovations, a student organization which seeks to promote and facilitate technology, entrepreneurship, and craftsmanship as it relates to the rapidly growing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sector.

Detroit Aerial Innovations provides students with knowledge, resources, and materials needed to construct their own UAV model. Additionally, the organization focuses on the social impacts and implications of UAVs, specifically addressing how these devices can be used as tools in society and their place in the revitalization of Detroit.

Albert Jose on WDTK AM 1400 (11/24/2016):


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