Jon Bereisa, President and CEO of Auto Lectrification LLC, will be speaking at the Electric-Drive Vehicle Engineering Seminar

Electric-Drive Vehicle Engineering Seminar

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
 Bernath Auditorium 5:30-7:00 pm
 Wayne State University Undergraduate Library
The Realities of Electric Vehicles 
Jon Bereisa, President and CEO of Auto Lectrification LLC

Abstract: After a long and hard development road, the technical feasibility for modern electric vehicles has now been demonstrated. However, high propulsion system costs still impede the path to mass market commercial viability. Up to three electric vehicle design generations will be required to achieve acceptable costs, through design simplification, materials substitution, and up integration. In parallel, equal efforts will be required to mitigate consumer range anxiety via deployment of a commercially viable charging infrastructure. Near term and future technology enablers are presented for the path to commercial viability.

Bio: Already recognized in the Electric Drive Transportation Association’s “Hall of Fame”, Jon has recently been named by Automotive News as one of the “Electrifying 100”, today’s most influential persons driving the global electrification of the automobile. His impact has been widespread during his 35 year executive career at General Motors where his roles included Systems Architect responsible for the creation of the Chevrolet Volt extended range electric vehicle, Chief Engineer Propulsion Systems for GM’s EV1, the first modern production EV, Director of Advanced Engineering and Technology Powertrain Strategy for the development of GM’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology, and founding member and Chairman of the United States Advanced Battery Consortium. Jon also has many specific technical innovations to his credit including improvements in inverter power switches and the development of inductive charging systems. He has BS, MS and Professional Degrees awarded in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology.

All students, faculty, and public are welcome.

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