The 13th annual International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications is coming to the Motor City

The International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA ’14) will be held in Detroit Dec. 3-6, 2014. The aim of the conference is to bring researchers working in the areas of machine learning and applications together to promote innovation.

The conference will feature keynote speeches from Inderjit S. Dhillon and Andrew Ng. Dhillon is the Gottesman Family Centennial Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics at UT Austin, where he is also the director of the ICES Center for Big Data Analytics. His speech will respond to the great need for developing scalable methods for analyzing the tremendous rate of data that is now being produced through the use of divide-and-conquer algorithms. Ng is the chief scientist of Baidu; associate professor of computer science at Stanford University; and chairman and co-founder of Coursera, an MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that serves more than nine million students. Ng will give a presentation offering a broad overview of deep-learning techniques that are the leading approach to many problems in computer vision, speech recognition, NLP and other areas.

Ming Dong, associate professor of computer science at Wayne State University, will present two papers co-authored with students at the conference. The first paper, entitled “Learning Good Features to Track,” is authored by Dong, Zhou Liu and current Ph.D. student, Raed Almomani. The second, “Detection of Abnormal Human Behavior using a Matrix Approximation-Based Approach,” Dong co-authored with former Ph.D. student Lijun Wang, who is currently working in the Ford Research and Innovation Center.

Wayne State University’s Division of Research is an event sponsor, and several members of the College of Engineering faculty and administration will participate. Dean Farshad Fotouhi serves as honorary chair for the conference. Professor of Computer Science Xuewen Chen is general chair. Assistant Professor of Computer Science Dongxiao Zhu, local chair for the event,  explains, “ICMLA will provide rich and virtually unlimited resources for training and education in machine learning at Wayne State University, the greater Detroit area and beyond.”

The conference will cover both theoretical and experimental research results. Papers presented will cover a wide range of research, including but not limited to fields like medicine, biology, industry, manufacturing, security, education, virtual environments, game playing and problem solving. The conference proceedings will be published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

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