Featured labs

  • Advanced Energy Storage Lab (EDC)
    Contact: Jerry Ku 
  • Alternative Fuel Engine Testing (Engineering Rm 1356)
    Contact: Naeim Henein
  • Automatic Controls (Engineering Rm 1350)
    Contact: Nabil Chalhoub 
  • Cold Room (Engineering Rm 1360)
    Contact: Naeim Henein
  • Combustion Diagnostics (Engineering Rm 1361/1359)
    Contact: Ming-Chia Lai
  • EcoCAR2 Garage (Engineering Technology Rm 1024)
    Contact: Jerry Ku
  • Electric Propulsion Integration Lab (Engineering Technology Rm 1026-A)
    Contact: Gene Liao 
  • Energy Storage Lab (Engineering Building)
    Contact: Simon Ng
  • Energy Storage Systems Lab (Engineering Technology Rm 2032-B)
    Contacts: Gene Liao and Caisheng Wang
  • Engine Diagnostics Thorough Ion Signal & Combustion Noise Measurement (Engineering Rm 1330)
    Contact: Naeim Henein 
  • FSAE/Engine Testing (Engineering Rm 1539)
    Contact: Naeim Henein
  • Gasoline Engine Testing (Engineering Rm 1354)
    Contact: Ming-Chia Lai
  • Heavy duty Diesel Engine (Engineering Rm 1543)
    Contact: Dinu Taraza
  • Heavy duty Diesel Engine (Engineering Rm 1555)
    Contact: Naeim Henein
  • Multi-Cylinder Diesel Engine (Engineering Rm 1344)
    Contact: Naeim Henein
  • Multi-Fuel Engine (Engineering Rm 1355)
    Contact: Naeim Henein
  • Nano Fabrication Facility (nFab)
  • National Biofuels Energy Lab
  • Power Electronics and Control Lab (Manufacturing Engineering)
    Contact: Caisheng Wang
  • Robotic and Automation Lab (Engineering Technology, Rm 1026-B)
    Contact: Ana Djuric
  • Spark-Ignition and Compression Ignition Combustion Ionisation (Engineering Rm 1545)
    Contact: Naeim Henein
  • Structures and Materials Lab (Engineering Rm 1305)
    Contact: Chris Eamon or Hwai-Chung Wu
  • Transient Engine Testing (Engineering Rm 1336)
    Contact: Dinu Taraza
  • Transparent Engine and Laser Diagnostics (Engineering Rm 1338/1342)
    Contact: Marcis Jansons
  • Vehicle Control Simulation and HIL Lab (Engineering Rm 1325.1)
    Contact: Jerry Ku
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