Proposal preparation

What is needed:

You have decided to submit, but where to start?

  1. Review program guidelines and forward a copy to the grants administrator and/or the Research Office. This will help in making sure that the proposal will comply with sponsor requirements.
  2. Your grants administrator/Research Office will work with you on the budget development and justification. We will also facilitate any internal approvals that may be required.
  3. A draft copy of the Project Abstract/Summary also is needed. This provides our offices with an understanding of the type of research you are proposing and if there are any other considerations that need to be taken into account. 

Institutional requirements:

  1. Wayne State University has a federally approved indirect cost rate and it is university policy that that all proposals include this rate as part of the budget being submitted. Exceptions to this policy are governed by sponsor guidelines.
  2. Time and effort for project personnel are expected to be included as part of the project costs with exceptions limited to sponsor requirements. Cost share for selected key personnel are handled on a case-by-case basis and is subject to internal approvals.
  3. Internal departmental approvals will be handled as the proposal is being developed.