Reseach Support Office

As Research Support Officer for the College of Engineering, Michael Anderson leads the research grant and contracts proposal submissions process with key partners to ensure timely submissions and adherence to regulatory requirements and administrative compliance for sponsored projects. Please use this page as a guide for submitting proposals.

The Business Office grant administrators will be your initial point of contact for proposal development. Find your contact here.

Pre-award steps

Proposal preparation  

  • What is needed:
    • Sponsor program guidelines
    • Detailed budget and justification
    • Abstract/summary
  • Institutional requirements:
    • Indirect costs
    • Time and effort for project personnel
    • Internal departmental approvals 

Proposal submission

  1. Sponsor forms
  2. Internal/external deadlines                                                                                           
  3. Final routing and approval process                                                                           

Once a proposal is funded

  1. Award notice
  2. Sub-awards to be issued
  3. Account set-up

Available resources

Other pre-award information

Additional resources

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