Other pre-award information

Contracts: Any document requiring Wayne State University signature must be submitted to the Research Office for review and processing. All contracts require the PI and/or faculty to fill out an affirmation memo.

The affirmation memo is an acknowledgement that the PI has read the referenced document and is aware of the terms and conditions. This document is also used as an opportunity to express any questions or concerns that may be relevant at this time. 

The completed affirmation memo (along with the document) can be emailed to the grants administrator and/or directly to the Research Office.

Mechanical steps (as a way of information)

  1. Documents received, reviewed and formally submitted to the SPA Contracts Team for additional review, comments and formally submitting to the legal office.
  2. The legal office requires a minimum of five business days for contract turn-around. Depending on institutional workload and other priorities, this time may vary.
  3. Once legal has completed their review, notification is sent back to the SPA Contracts Team and the Research Office for resolution and/or institutional signature. Legal concerns for contract language, terms and conditions and/or other items that are problematic to the institution are communicated back to sponsor (by the SPA Contracts Team), for negotiation and contract modification. The Research Office will become involved in this process as needed/requested by the SPA Contracts Team.
  4. Once all parties have agreed, the contract is signed and an account can then be set-up for the project.
  5. This process can vary from a few days to a few months; it really does depend on the complexity of the issues and contract language. The length of this process is not intended to hamper or stop the research efforts, but is extremely necessary from a legal perspective to access the implications and ramifications to the institution as a whole.  
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