Once a proposal is funded

My project is funded. What's next?

In order for Wayne State University, Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA), to set-up an account for your newly funded project, there must be an award document.  This can take the form of a notice of grant award, contract, actual check and/or letter of credit.  Whatever the form, this document must be submitted to the Research Office to ensure that all regulatory requirements have been established and/ or satisfied regarding the project.

Please note: If the award document is in the form of a contract; that document must be reviewed and approved by our legal office before institutional signature can be obtained.  Be advised, that faculty are NOT authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the university.

The Research Office and grant administrators will work with the PI (and sponsor) on any possible budget revisions and/or outstanding items during this time.

Once complete, the resulting award (with documentation) will be formally submitted to SPA for account set-up and activation. This process will take approximately 24 to 48 hours. 

For projects that involve the issuing of sub-contracts (sub-awards); the Research will facilitate that process at the time of the award notice.  The issuance of sub-contracts will always involve the legal offices of both institutions and depending on the complexity of the agreement will govern how long this process takes. 

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