Proposal Preparation and Submission

Below is a general overview of the proposal development and submission process. For a more detailed outline, please visit Engineering's Pre-Award Responsibility matrix.

  1.  Find funding and develop your proposal. Be sure to read the funding guidelines to verify that your research fits within the program's goals and parameters.
  2.  Contact your Sr. Grant/Contract Administrator in advance of the deadline to notify them of your intent to submit. They will work with you to develop a budget with the information you provide.
  3.  Work with your Sr. Grant/Contract Administrator to create an internal proposal record in Cayeuse/Evisions and route it for institutional review and approval.
    • This includes providing the finalized proposal documents required by the sponsor such as the abstract/statement of work, budget, justification, etc.
    • Please provide ample time for institutional review and approval, especially if faculty from other Colleges/Units are involved. Additional time and documentation is needed if institutions outside of Wayne State are to be involved with the proposal.
  4.  The College's Research Support Officer (Mike Anderson) will complete a final review for University and sponsoring agency compliance. If the proposal meets the requirements, the proposal will be submitted on behalf of the University to the sponsoring agency.
  5.  If a proposal is funded, the Research Support team works with SPA to facilitate account establishment once all documentation has been received. Required documentation includes the official award document, proposal with budget, pertinent correspondence and any approvals such as IRB/IACUC letters.

Please note:

  • Any proposed cost-sharing (voluntary and mandatory) requires Engineering Business Office review and approval prior to proposal submission, along with a valid funding source for the commitment.
  • Faculty are NOT authorized to sign contracts or agreements on behalf of the University. Any research-related document requiring signature (a contract, award, non-monetary agreement) must be submitted to the Research Office prior to processing. These documents likely need to be reviewed and approved by SPA and WSU's Office of General counsel prior to institutional signature. Please work with your Sr. Grant/Contract Administrator to initiate this process.