HERO: Home Emissions Read-Out

HERO, or Home Emissions Read-Out, is a smart phone application that is currently being developed by the project team. HERO gives users real-time emissions estimation that allows them to selectively time their own electricity use in order to reduce air emissions. HERO turns users into active participants in emissions optimization.

Armed with the information provided by HERO, you can strategically shift the timing of certain electric loads to reduce overall emissions from the electricity production. For example if HERO predicts there will be low marginal emissions 2 hours from now, you could set a delay timer so that a dishwasher or clothes dryer will run during those hours.

Available at the Google Play Store: click here.

To get more information please visit http://www.herowayne.com/

The team is also working on making HERO available as a web application that can be used from any browser. Stay tuned for updates!