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Professor Carol Miller receives grant to develop software to reduce energy waste during water utilities delivery

Wayne State gets $1.5 million from Great Lakes fund to cut energy waste in Detroit water system

Project 881 Real-Time System Optimization for Sustainable Water Transmission and Distribution

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Water Distribution Modeling Software: Bentley WaterGEMS

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Information about Locational Marginal Prices (LMPs)

EPANet - Drinking Water Software

Dan Yates, CEO of OPower ( talks about how "Incrementalism is Powerful". Through energy bills that compare consumers' energy use to their neighbors, Opower is using "peer pressure" to motivate people to save small amounts of energy. The savings add up! As of  June, 2012. OPower's electric utility customers have saved over 1 Terra-Watt-hr of electricity. To put this in perspective, in one year's time, these incremental energy savings added up to the equivalent energy produced by half of the entire US solar industry.


Smart Energy for a Cleaner Great Lakes

LEEM-LMP Emissions Estimation Method

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Energy-Water Nexus Webinar. 2 March 2011

Locational Emissions Estimation Methodology (LEEM) Webinar. 17 April 2015