Water utility survey

In order to accurately gauge the impact of implementing system-wide real-time pumping optimization by water utilities, it was necessary to understand how these diverse systems operate and the type of optimization schemes currently employed.

Water utility information was collected from the AWWA and EPA provided a working data base of over 12,000 water utilities within the Great Lakes Region. A subset was extracted of those water utilities that served a population of 10,000 people or more which created a mailing list of more than 730 utilities in the eight great lakes states.

We distributed a brief survey, which was similar to the 2002 AWWA Distribution Survey, to these utilities to identify:

·               the energy management functions already in place at water utilities around the Great Lakes, and

·               those water utilities that have the technical expertise to manage and utilize an energy modeling application like a real time pumping optimization application.

Specifically, the survey requested information about the water utility; the size (miles of pipe, number of tanks, number of pumps, etc.); the use of energy and / or hydraulic models; the use of SCADA applications; and other items that may impact the implementation of a RPO application at their utility.

Survey information helped us assess the utility of the publicly available software being developed through this project as well as potential problems that may hinder its implementation.