Advanced battery systems for vehicles

The advanced battery systems for vehicles certificate covers the latest technologies and developments in energy storage systems. You will learn about various battery development and composition methods, battery technologies, energy storage systems, and vehicle energy management systems through the certificate. You are introduced to vehicle electrification strategies and the environmental impacts of current and future systems.

Starts: Offered On-Demand
Format: Online, 6-week courses
Engagement:  topical discussions on foundational course content, and current articles and media
Commitment:  approximately 5-10h per week; 30-60 hours total for the program
Assessments and certification: successful completion of weekly assignments earns a Certificate of completion from the College of Engineering at WSU (Wayne State University)

  • WSU enrolled students:  $250/course
  • WSU Alums:  $600/course
  • Others:  $1,200/course

Discounts available for Corporate Partners or companies with 5+ registrants

Technology requirement: Any laptop or smartphone with internet access

Course materials

Course materials will be available electronically at the start of the course. 


Individual assessments: Individual assessments are not timed and are multiple-choice questions. 

Engagement: You must make at least 2 posts per week. Your posts/comments can either be on the Course Feed or Course Help sections. For example, you can make 1 newsfeed and 1 discussion comment, 2 newsfeed comments or 2 discussion comments each week and receive full credit. 

Course schedule by week

Week Topics Engagement Individual assessments
1 Overview of advanced battery technologies - EV/HEV Engagement-1

Individual Assessment-1

2 Battery development and composition Engagement-2

Individual Assessment-2

3 Battery technology - Hydrogen electrochemical cells, regenerative fuel cells Engagement-3

Individual Assessment-3

4 Energy storage systems Engagement-4

Individual Assessment-4

5 Vehicle energy management system Engagement-5

Individual Assessment-5

6 Battery system trends, safety, recycling impacts Engagement-6

Individual Assessment-6