Autonomous systems: Function and coding

Widen your area of expertise within programming through this certificate for autonomous systems. Learners will advance their knowledge in the following areas.

  • Understanding the demands on software for autonomous systems, including high speed responses and integrability of data and locations
  • Various important technologies to ensure connectivity such as LIDAR, radar, and streaming video
  • The components required for execution: codes, code architectures, cloud computing environments, and hardware integrations

Starts: Monday, October 3, 2022
Format: completely online, 6-week courses
Engagement:  topical discussions on foundational course content, and current articles and media
Commitment:  approximately 5-10h per week; 30-60 hours total for the program
Assessments and certification: successful completion of weekly assignments earns a Certificate of completion from the College of Engineering at WSU (Wayne State University)

  • WSU enrolled students:  $250/course
  • WSU Alums:  $600/course
  • Others:  $1,200/course

Discounts available for Corporate Partners or companies with 5+ registrants

Technology requirement: Any laptop or smartphone with internet access

Course materials

Course materials will be available electronically at the start of the course.


Individual assessments: Individual assessments are not timed and are multiple-choice questions.

Engagement: You must make at least 2 posts, per week. Your posts/comments can either be on the Course Feed or Course Help sections. For example, you can make 1 newsfeed and 1 discussion comment, 2 newsfeed comments or 2 discussion comments each week and receive full credit.

Course schedule by week

Week Topics Engagement Individual Assessments

Code, code architecture and cloud infrastructure


Individual Assessment-1


Responsiveness and speed: Bandwidth, networks and protocols


Individual Assessment-2


External connectivity: Protocols for signal capture, data conditioning and decision-making


Individual Assessment-3


Programming for reliability and redundancy


Individual Assessment-4


Platforms and open-source solutions: Survey of emerging systems enabling connectivity


Individual Assessment-5


Safety and ethical decision-making in autonomous systems: Coding for regulatory compliance


Individual Assessment-6