Wayne State University's College of Engineering was the first in the nation to launch an Alternative Energy Technology master’s degree and certificate program (2006).


To be a premier program in alternative energy research, education and outreach.

Mission statement

  • To educate and prepare the technical and scientific workforce for the emerging alternative energy technology.
  • To promote and mobilize/align available resources to develop interdisciplinary research programs.
  • To disseminate technical information and raise public awareness on the emerging alternative energy technology.

Program goals

Alternative Energy Technology (AET) will dominate Michigan's industrial and technology landscape for the coming decades, as evidenced by the tremendous amount of investment that the federal government, automotive industry and fuel cell manufacturers have committed to advancing a hydrogen-based economy. Wayne State developed a comprehensive set of advanced educational programs to prepare the current and future Michigan workforce for the emerging AET field.

WSU's comprehensive curricula not only prepares our full-time graduate and undergraduate students, but also caters to Michigan's working engineers and scientists, to advance their knowledge and skills for emerging careers in AET. Our ultimate goal is to position Michigan as a primary center for alternative energy education, curriculum research and development.

Learning outcomes

  • Apply mathematics, science and engineering concepts to identify and solve problems in electric-drive vehicle engineering and related general engineering areas. 
  • Apply the methodologies, skills, and modern science and engineering tools in electric-drive vehicle engineering design and applications.
  • An ability to design sub-systems, components or processes for broadly defined electric-drive or alternative energy vehicle problems appropriate to program educational objectives.
  • An ability to identify, analyze and solve broadly defined electric-drive and alternative energy vehicle problems.


Dr. Gene Y. Liao
Program Director