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Joseph Ziomek - Hall of Fame (2019)

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Joseph Ziomek, B.S. '59, has been in the automotive electronics business for more than 55 years. He graduated in 1954 from Cass Tech High School in Detroit and enrolled at Wayne State at age 16. After beginning his career in 1959 at the Burroughs Corporation, Ziomek worked for Ford Motor Company from 1963 to 1979 in advanced electronics research and composites vehicle design. Among his contributions were improvements to the climate control systems on numerous vehicles, and reducing the weight and increasing fuel economy of the Ford LTD in the late 1970s. Ziomek joined TRW in 1979 and formed the Transportation Electrical and Electronics Operation, which pioneered electronics applications for passenger cars, light trucks, heavy duty trucks and buses, and agricultural and off-road vehicles. In 1987, he was named TRW's director of advanced safety restraint systems, later joining Takata in 1989 in a similar role. Ziomek has since gone on to serve as a private consultant and expert witness in his fields of expertise. He is a co-founder of the Convergence Education Foundation (now called Square One), a STEM pipeline for more than 20,000 high school students. Ziomek is a lifetime member and elected Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers, and a lifetime member of IEEE and the Vehicular Technology Society.