Undergraduate Appeals/Re-Admissions Process

A student who has been refused the privilege of registering in the College of Engineering may request a re-consideration of his or her status by the College's Academic Standards Committee (ASC) after the one-year exclusionary period. He or she should not make the request, however, unless evidence can be provided of changes in academic preparation or circumstances that will substantially increase the likelihood of academic success. A formal written request for reconsideration must be presented to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

The formal written request should include:

  1. An appeal letter that addresses the reasons for unsatisfactory academic progress in the past, and changes the student has made to address these problems.
  2. A plan of work developed in collaboration with their advisor for the next academic year.
  3. A transcript of all grades earned at WSU and community colleges as prepared by their advisor.

In addition, we should have:

  1. Date of exclusion (term fall/winter/sp/su and year).
  2. Date of proposed readmission (term fall/winter/sp/su and year).
  3. Classes taken since exclusion and grades earned in those courses.
  4. (optional items) Support letter from the academic advisor.  Additional support letters from faculty or the department chair will also be considered.  The committee will assume if there is no advisor support letter that the advisor does not support.

Deadlines for appeal paperwork:

  • October 1 for Winter re-admit
  • February 1 for summer/fall re-admit

Completed packages should be sent in one email to the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Jeff Potoff.