Course descriptions

Curriculum requirements for M.S.

NOTE: 2000 through 4000 level courses are for undergraduate credit only. 5000 through 6000 level courses can be taken for undergraduate as well as graduate credit. 7000 through 9000 level courses are strictly for graduate credit and are not open to undergraduate students.

5220 Environmental Chemistry Cr. 3
Prereq: senior standing in science or engineering discipline. Fundamentals of aqueous chemistry for environmental engineers and scientists. Course covers basic chemistry, equilibria, kinetics and thermodynamics; includes acid/base reactions, precipitation/dissolution, oxidation/reduction reactions and partitioning. Material fee as indicated in the Schedule of Classes 

5230 Water Supply and Wastewater Engineering Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4210. Open only to students enrolled in professional Engineering programs. Analysis and design of water supply and wastewater treatment systems; water distribution systems; treatment of municipal water supplies, including sedimentation, softening, filtration and disinfection; design of sanitary and storm sewers; primary, secondary and tertiary treatment plant design; sludge handling. Material fee as indicated in the Schedule of Classes.

5350 Introduction to Structural Dynamics Cr. 4
Prereq: M E 3400, C E 4400. Dynamic properties of structures,. Modeling of dynamic loads. Structural response to dynamic loading. Structural design requirements for dynamic loads. Fundamental techniques of dynamic system analysis. 

5370 Finite Element Analysis Fundamentals Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4400 or M E 5600. Matrix structural analysis, discretization of continuous structural systems, stress analysis. Commercial finite element software preprocessing for developing finite element models; postprocessing for evaluating analysis results. 

5410 Hydrogen Infrastructure and Alternative Fuel Transportation (AET 5410) Cr. 4
Prereq: senior standing in science or engineering discipline. Design, maintenance and operation of fuel-cell power generating facilities; handling of waste materials and waste disposal system design; design, construction, and operation of the infrastructure needed to transport hydrogen. 

5420 Alternative Energy Technologies for Various Transportation Modes (AET 5420) Cr. 4
Prereq: senior standing in science or engineering discipline. Discussion of current alternative energy technology applications, emerging developments, national programs and priorities, future prospects, tax incentive programs, economics of scale issues, interrelationship between fixed costs and variable costs.

5510 Geotechnical Engineering I Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4510. Site investigation, site improvement, bearing capacity and settlement of shallow foundations, axial capacity and lateral deflection of deep foundations, design of conventional earth retaining walls, and basics of slope stability analyses. 

5520 Geotechnical Engineering II Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4510. Lateral earthpressure theories, design of conventional earth-retaining walls and of reinforced earth walls, anchored sheet-pile walls and cofferdams, fundamentals of soft-ground tunneling, two- and three-dimensional slope stability analyses, and static design of earth dams. 

5580 (HWM 5580) Land Disposal of Hazardous Waste Cr. 2
Prereq: HWM 5510. Industrial landfill, biological methods of disposal, land disposal techniques, ocean disposal techniques, disposal of flue gas cleaning wastes. 

5590 (HWM 5590) Biological Methods of Waste Disposal Cr. 2
Prereq: HWM 5510. Biological treatment of industrial wastes, including unit operations, solids handling and activated carbon processes. 

5610 Highway Design Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4640. Application of standards, theory and practice in design of streets and highways. Design of streets and highways including cross section elements, shoulder and roadside features. Pavement design and rehabilitation work. 

5810 Legal Aspects of Engineering and Construction Cr. 3
Open only to seniors and graduate students. Business of contracting, construction, liabilities of owner, architect, engineer and contractor. Rights in land, boundaries and foundations. Case studies. Material fee as indicated in the Schedule of Classes 

5830 Business of Engineering Cr. 3
Prereq: C E 4850. Defining the engineering company, creating the organization, support services, business development, project management, scheduling, budgeting and profitability, operations, financial management and risk management. 

5995 Special Topics in Civil Engineering I Cr. 1-4
Prereq: consent of chairperson. Topics to be announced in Schedule of Classes. 

6010 Introduction to Construction Management Cr. 3
Prereq: C E 4850 or consent of instructor. An introduction to the organization and management of design and construction firms. Organizational and managerial theories. Problems of organization management, operation and control of engineering systems, case studies. Material fee as indicated in the Schedule of Classes. 

6050 Construction Cost Estimating Cr. 3
Prereq: C E 4850. Estimating construction costs of engineering projects including materials, man-hours, equipment and overhead. Emphasis on construction equipment, including productivity and planning. Bidding and bid documents. 

6060 Construction Techniques and Methods Cr. 3
Prereq: C E 4450. Construction techniques and methods for excavation, foundations, concrete, wood, steel, masonry, heavy construction, wastewater treatment plants, highways and roads, high rise structures, bridges, and tunnelling projects. 

6130 Open Channel Hydraulics Cr. 4
Principles and practices of pavement management at network and project level: serviceability, pavement design models, economic analysis and priority modeling

6150 Hydrologic Analysis and Design Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 6130. Principles of surface water hydrology and their application for evaluation of floods and the design of surface runoff control system; watershed characteristics; design storms and SCS methods; unit hydrographs; hydrologic models; application of computer methods. 

6190 Groundwater Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 3250. Historical background, aquifers and aquitards, saturated and unsaturated flow, sources of ground water contamination, artificial recharge of ground water, development of ground water basins and efficient use of ground water resources. 

6270 Environmental Management and Sustainable Development (HWM 6270) Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4210. Review Introduction to engineering design and development within sustainability constraints: theoretical, regulatory and practical implications: Detroit and global applications 

6330 Advanced Structural Analysis Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4410. Effect of axial loads on stiffness of flexural members. Buckling of trusses and rigid frames. Matrix method of analysis. Complex structures. Computer applications. 

6340 Bridge Design and Evaluation Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4420. Concepts, procedures, methods of design and condition evaluation for modern highway bridges, according to current specifications. Entire system is covered, including superstructure, substructure, and their connections.

6370 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4420. Theory and design of two-way slabs, footings, retaining walls, shear walls, and composite beams using ultimate strength design. Precast and prestressed concrete fundamentals. 

6410 Advanced Steel Design Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4420. Advanced topics of structural steel design: thin walled rolled and built-up members, beam columns, lateral torsional buckling, steel fatigue design, connection details. Steel design project. 

6525 (U P 6520) Transportation Policy and Planning Cr. 3
Introduction to the role of transportation in the planning process involving both regional and urban considerations. 

6580 Geoenvironmental Engineering I Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4510. Properties and test methods for natural and synthetic materials used in landfills; analysis of chemical interactions, flow mechanisms, stability and settlement for the design of landfill components. 

6660 Pavement Management Systems: Principles and Practices Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4640. Principles and practices used in pavement management systems, including pavement serviceability, pavement design, priority programming. 

7020 Construction Safety Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 6010 or consent of instructor. Safety problems in the construction industry and their technical and managerial solutions, construction accident and failure analysis and control. Safety program design and implementation with TQM integration.

7070 Risk and Reliability in Civil Engineering Cr. 4
Prereq: B E 3220, C E 4995, or equiv. Uncertainty in civil engineering practice (e.g., loads, traffic, water demand, construction quality). Reliability theory based on probabilistic and statistical methods. Reliability-based engineering design and decision making. 

7100 Water Resources Systems Analysis and Economics Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4210 or consent of instructor. Water resource and planning. Application of probability and operation research techniques for planning of water resources including engineering analysis, economic objective and water resource principles. 

7190 Groundwater Modeling Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 6190. Analytical and numerical models of groundwater hydraulics and contaminant transport. Application of theoretical material developed in C E 6190. Case studies of model applications to real field problems. 

7200 Environmental Engineering Operations and Processes Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4210. Theoretical aspects and applications of various operations and processes of importance in pollution and control including sedimentation, flotation, coagulation, softening and filtration through granular media. Material fee as indicated in the Schedule of Classes 

7220 Industrial Waste Treatment Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4200 or consent of instructor. A study of the sources of specific industrial waste waters and their treatability by physical, chemical and biological processes, including the industries' obligation in the prevention of stream pollution. Problems and solutions involved in combined treatment of industrial and domestic waste waters. Material fee as indicated in the Schedule of Classes 

7260 Surface Water-Quality Modeling and Management Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4210 or consent of instructor. Principles and mechanisms governing the rate and transport of conventional and toxic pollutants in natural water; mathematical modeling of water quality in surface water systems; model applications for managing waste loads in lakes and rivers. 

7300 Advanced Structural Mechanics Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 6330 or consent of instructor. Theory of bending and torsion of bars, beams on elastic foundations. Introduction to theory of thin plates. Linear elastic fracture mechanics, application to brittle solids. 

7350 Structural Dynamics Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 5350 or consent of instructor. Dynamic analysis of civil engineering structures, lumped-mass and distributed mass systems, linear and non-linear systems, approximate methods of analysis, computer applications, seismic design of buildings. 7370 Advanced Finite Element Analysis Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 5370. Advanced topics in finite element analysis; stability analysis and vibrations of structural systems. Modeling of complex structures, dynamic analysis, nonlinear structural problems. Computer applications. 

7410 Assessment and Upgrade of Structures Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 6370, 6410. Methods of determining deficiencies of existing structures, experimental assessment/appraisal of structures, analytical computer assessment/appraisal of existing structures, upgrade methodology of existing structures. 

7450 Nondestructive Testing for Structural Evaluation Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4350, 4450. Nondestructive testing methods applicable to appraisal of structures and materials; visual, optical, holographic imaging; magnetic flux, eddy current, acoustic, ultrasonic techniques. Laboratory applications. 

7460 Advanced Composite Materials for Civil Infrastructure Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4450 or consent of instructor. Infrastructure problems. Advanced fiber reinforced plastics, including applications in primary/secondary and marine structures, and in rehabilitation. High performance fiber reinforced concrete. Controlled composite properties via composite design. Review of composite analysis and failure criteria based on micromechanics and laminate theory. 

7500 Engineering Properties of Soils Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 5510, 5520, or consent of instructor. Overview of experimental methods in geotechnical engineering, instrumentation and data acquisition methods, statistical analysis of test data, tests and theories for settlement predictions, tests and theories for hydraulic conductivity determination, tests and theories for static and cyclic stress-strain-volume change behavior of soils. 

7510 Soil-Structure Interaction Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 5510 or 5520. Applications of finite difference methods to short- and long-term settlement analyses, applications of finite element methods to static and dynamic analyses of soil-structure interaction systems, and applications of boundary element methods in geotechnical engineering. 

7520 Soil Dynamics Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4510 or consent of instructor. Fundamental theories and numerical techniques for vibration analysis and their application to solution of dynamic and earthquake problems in geotechnical engineering.

7530 Advanced Soil Mechanics Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4510 or consent of instructor. Stress-strain and volume-change behavior of sands and clays for both drained and undrained loading conditions, to gain insight in mechanical behavior of foundation soils. Material fee as indicated in the Schedule of Classes.

7540 Soil Plasticity Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 5510, 5520, or consent of instructor. Theories of plasticity and rigid plasticity, theoretical backgrounds in state of the art elastoplastic stress-strain-strength models of soils for both static and cyclic loading conditions, numerical implementation of such models to boundary-value problems, and lower- and upper- bound solutions in geotechnical engineering. 

7550 Geosynthetics Engineering Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4510. Fundamental principles for testing, design, and construction of geosynthetics in civil engineering applications.

7580 Environmental Remediation Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4510 or equiv. or consent of instructor. Site assessment; soil and groundwater investigation for remediation; application of remediation technologies; legislation related to remediation. 

7600 Highway Safety and Risk Management Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4640. Safety aspects of streets and highways; planning, design, implementation and evaluation of highway safety improvement projects and programs. Highway risk analysis and risk management systems. Material fee as indicated in the Schedule of Classes. 

7620 Traffic Engineering Control and Operation Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4640. Traffic flow theories, macroscopic and microscopic models of traffic control, statistical analysis; design and application of intelligent transportation systems on traffic flow characteristics; evaluation. Material fee as indicated in the Schedule of Classes.

7630 Urban Transportation Planning Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4600. Planning and analysis of urban transportation, travel demand models, land use planning and public transportation; household and origin-destination survey techniques; and demand elasticities multicriteria evaluation. Material fee as indicated in the Schedule of Classes. 

7640 Economic Analysis in Transportation Systems (I E 7640) Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 4850 or I E 5870. Application of engineering economy and price theory in optimization of transportation systems; analysis of congestion costs, externalities, primary and secondary costs and benefits; evaluation of alternatives and completed projects and programs. Material fee as indicated in the Schedule of Classes. 

7670 Advanced Traffic Signal Systems Cr. 4
Prereq: C E 7620. Analysis and design of traffic signal systems. Hardware, communication and detection systems associated with microcomputer-based signal systems. Coordinated signal systems. 

7685 Transit Research Seminar Cr. 2
Prereq: graduate standing. Advanced topics including: planning, design, operation, maintenance, scheduling, marketing and institution aspects; presented by established researchers and professionals. 

7830 Construction Planning and Scheduling Cr. 3
Prereq: C E 6010 or consent of instructor. Planning and scheduling of construction projects, project networks and critical path methods, resource levelling, use of Primavera software.

7840 Facilities Management Cr. 3
Prereq: C E 6010 or consent of instructor. Buildings and grounds operations and maintenance, planning design and construction, facilities economics and financing, real estate administration, environmental health and safety, health issues. 

7850 Construction Contract Administration Cr. 3
Prereq: C E 6010 : This course provides an overview of construction contract administion covers also how to utilize Microsoft Excel, Primavera Expedition, and prolog Manager software for construction administration and management.

7860 Construction Accounting and Financial Management Cr. 3
Prereq: C E 6010 : Overview of the fundamental principles to successfully manage the finances of construction companies. These are attributed to business management, engineering economics, accounting, cost estimating and project management.

7890 Integrated Construction Project Management Cr. 3
Prereq: C E 6010 : This course provides a comprehensive overview construction project management knowledge areas. It describes the processes required to ensure that the various elements of the project are properly coordinated. It explains how o use different project management software for integrated construction project management.

7990 Directed Study Cr. 1-4 (Max. 6)
Prereq: written consent of adviser, chairperson and engineering graduate officer for master's students; written consent of adviser, chairperson and Dean of Graduate Studies for Ph.D. students.

7995 Special Topics in Civil Engineering II Cr. 1-4
Prereq: consent of instructor. A consideration of special subject matter in civil engineering. Topics to be announced in Schedule of Classes. 

7996 Research Cr. 1-4 (Max. 6)
Prereq: consent of adviser and chairperson. 

8999 Master's Thesis Research and Direction Cr. 1-8 (8 req.)
Prereq: consent of adviser. 

9990 Pre-Doctoral Candidacy Research Cr. 1-8 (Max. 10)
Prereq: consent of department. For Ph.D. program applicants. Offered for S and U grades only. Research in preparation for doctoral dissertation. 

9991 Doctoral Candidate Status I: Dissertation Research and Direction Cr. 7.5
Prereq: consent of dissertation adviser; Ph.D. candidate in department. Required in academic-year semester following advancement to Ph.D. candidacy. Offered for S and U grades only. 

9992 Doctoral Candidate Status II: Dissertation Research and Direction Cr. 7.5
Prereq: consent of dissertation adviser; C E 9991. Required in academic-year semester following 9991. Offered for S and U grades only. 

9993 Doctoral Candidate Status III: Dissertation Research and Direction Cr. 7.5
Prereq: consent of dissertation adviser; C E 9992. Required in academic-year semester following 9992. Offered for S and U grades only. 

9994 Doctoral Candidate Status IV: Dissertation Research and Direction Cr. 7.5
Prereq: consent of dissertation adviser; C E 9993. Required in academic-year semester following 9993. Offered for S and U grades only. 

9995 Candidate Maintenance Status: Doctoral Dissertation Research and Direction Cr. 0
Prereq: consent of dissertation adviser; completion of 30 credits in C E 9999, or 9991-9994. Offered for S and U grades only. 

9999 Doctoral Dissertation Research and Direction Cr. 1-16
Prereq: consent of doctoral adviser. Offered for S and U grades only. Maximum of ten credits may be elected before doctoral candidacy is obtained.