About CHE

About chemical engineering

Chemical engineering applies knowledge in mathematics and science to chemical process design and optimization. Chemical engineers solve technical problems safely and economically for a wide range of industries including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and environmental health and safety, among others. Our curriculum builds on our faculty expertise in chemical engineering, applied to scientific advances in energy, nanotechnology, sustainable manufacturing and translational medicine.

About materials science

Materials science is focused on the relationships among materials properties, functions and structural elements. The field is expanding rapidly from the traditional metal, ceramic and polymeric materials to advanced materials. In order to keep up with research developments and provide our students with a well rounded materials education, Wayne State University offers a multidisciplinary materials science and engineering program in collaboration with the university's physics and chemistry departments. The core courses provide a firm foundation while the expanded elective courses enable students to acquire additional knowledge in solid state, bio-, nano-, electronic, light weight and other functional materials.