Sustainable Engineering

Program benefit

The Graduate Certificate Program in Sustainable Engineering provides specialized formal education for graduate students and working engineers and scientists. Those enrolled in the program will

  • Learn the fundamentals of sustainable science and engineering.
  • Extend their knowledge of current sustainable engineering topics and industrial practice.
  • Earn a graduate certificate that documents their professional advancement.
  • Wayne State University provides gainful employment disclosures for certificate programs.

Certificate program requirements

Candidates must have a bachelor's degree in engineering. A total of 15 credits, 7 in core courses and 8 in electives, with a grade of B or better, must be completed to earn the certificate.

Core courses

STE/CHE 6100 Introduction to Sustainable Engineering (3 credits)
STE/CE 6270 Environmental Management and Sustainable Development (4 credits)

Additional required courses

Elective courses (ChE/MSE)

ChE/MSE 5360 Polymer Processing
ChE/MSE 5600 Composite Materials
ChE 5700 Process & Materials Safety for Alt. Energy Technology
ChE 6570 Safety in Chemical Process Industry
ChE 6610 Risk Assessment
ChE 6810 Chemical Process Integration

Elective courses (CEE)

CE 5220 Environmental Chemistry
CE 5230 Water Supply & Wastewater Engineering
CE 5995 River Assessment and Restoration
CE 6130 River Hydrodynamics
CE 6190 Ground Water

Elective courses (IME)

IE 5600 Alt. Energy Product Realization System
IE 6310 Lean Operations and Manufacturing
IE 6425 PLM and Sustainable Design
IE 6560 Deterministic Optimization
IE 6610 Introduction to Six Sigma
IE 7995 Fundamentals of Sustainable Manufacturing
IE 7325 Supply Chain Management

Elective courses (ME)

ME 5120 Fundamentals of Alt. Energy Technology
ME 5250 Alt. Energy Technology System and Design
ME 5820 Thermal Environmental Engineering

Note: If an engineering or science course not in the list of Additional Required Electives, but contains sustainability elements, this course (5000 level or above) may be selected to replace one of the required electives. But this replacement must be approved by the Program Director in advance.

How to apply

Candidates for the certificate program must apply for admission to the WSU Graduate School. Applicants should submit the university's application for graduate admission (Form 10-491A) to the degree program of their choice. The graduate certificate in sustainable engineering may be elected as an independent program, or concurrently with graduate study for the M.S. degree in any engineering program. If no master's degree is desired, the applicant should check "Non-Degree' and insert the words "Graduate Certificate Program in Sustainable Engineering" on the form. Undergraduates and visitors may enroll in individual courses, but will be ineligible to earn the certificate without admission to the Graduate School.

For more information, please contact:

Yinlun Huang, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Director of Sustainable Engineering Graduate Certificate Program
Telephone: 313-577-3771

Yongli Zhang, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Associate Director of Sustainable Engineering Graduate Certificate Program
Telephone: 313-577-9962

Plan of work

To download plan of work, please click here.