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Wayne State announces new Data Science and Visualization Academy for high school students
College of Engineering stands in solidarity with women, and all members of the Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities
Wayne State and Verizon team up to bring summer STEM learning to metro Detroit youth
Wayne State engineers using 3D printers to produce face shields for PPE-strapped health care workers
Computer science student launches Detroit Help Hub to support local businesses during COVID-19 crisis
Integrated systems: How WSU fosters diversity in STEM
Wayne State University construction management seniors volunteer 200 hours at Judson Center
College of Engineering invites future innovators to annual Summer Academy
Wayne State makes commitment to expand accessibility to computer science during CSforALL Summit
Wayne State to host national computer science summit
SMASH Academy brings high schoolers to Wayne State for immersive STEM experience
Engineering students use LEGOs to engage young girls in Detroit with STEM
College of Engineering collaborates with technology groups to host STEM expo for local girls
SHAPE initiative provides high school students with hands-on experience in battery technologies
Engineering staff members make the cut for childhood cancer research
Wayne State University kicks off Detroit Startup Week with the third annual HackWSU event, May 19-21
Hybrid Warriors visit Detroit high schools to discuss EcoCAR3
EcoCAR and SWE: Guiding girls to green and gold
Mechanical engineering assistant professor brings STEM education to Detroit Public Schools
Wayne State Hackathon attracts over 240 students from 39 schools
Engineering management director develops high school math program
FutureSWE 2016 encourages the next generation of women in engineering
College of Engineering alumnae take community service global with Engineers Without Borders