Meet the chair

Loren Schwiebert with his kids

Meet Loren Schwiebert, Ph.D.

Dr. Loren Schwiebert is chair of the Wayne State University Department of Computer Science. His research interests include digital forensics, general-purpose programming on graphics processors and wireless sensor networking.

Hometown: Tiffin, Ohio

When did you know you wanted to become a computer scientist?
My senior year in high school.

What's your favorite thing about the field?
There are many different applications of computing, so there is always a new and interesting problem to solve.

What are some exciting areas of study/research in your field?
Big data and data analytics, machine learning, high-performance computing, networking, cybersecurity, and software development.

Any tips for success?
Invest time in developing your programming and problem-solving skills. Think about how to solve your problem before you start writing code. Writing and debugging a large program is more fun when you think of problems as challenges to overcome instead of obstacles to your goal.

What do you like to do when you're not teaching or researching?
Read, run, hike, listen to music and play chess.