Accelerated Graduate enrollment

The Accelerated Graduate Enrollment (AGRADE) program enables qualified seniors to enroll simultaneously in the undergraduate and graduate programs and apply a maximum of 16 credits toward both the bachelor's and master's degrees. Students electing the AGRADE program may expect to complete the bachelor's and master's degrees in five years of full-time study.

Admission requirements
An AGRADE applicant may petition the Graduate Committee of the Department of Computer Science for acceptance into the program no earlier than the first semester in which 90 credits will be completed. Applicants must have an overall grade point average (GPA) of 3.4 and a 3.6 GPA or better in the major courses already completed. 

Applicants must meet with the graduate programs officer to develop a graduate Plan of Work, specifying AGRADE courses to be included in subsequent semesters. The Plan of Work and the student's transcript are to be submitted to the student's assigned undergraduate computer science advisor. Following the approvals of the departmental Graduate Committee and the college graduate officer, the student is notified by the college graduate officer whether this petition has been accepted.

For additional information about the AGRADE program, click here.