Honors program

The honors curriculum challenges highly motivated students through advanced study courses, develops interest in research and scholarly activity, and provides students with an opportunity to work with renowned faculty and advanced graduate students. Departmental Honors is open to students seeking the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. Interested students should contact their CS departmental advisor to learn more about the program and how the courses fit into their plan of work. If a student has declared a major in computer science prior to entering the Honors College, then a new declaration of major request must be completed to add Departmental Honors to the degree program.

Computer Science Honors Requirements

  1. Must establish and maintain a cumulative 3.3 overall GPA.
  2. Complete at least one Honors 4200-level seminar (typically taken in junior year).
  3. Complete CSC4999: Honors Thesis (three or six credits).
    1. The thesis is a paper presenting the results of the student's independent research. The length of the thesis may vary according to the nature of the topic and method of approach.
    2. Registration for Honors Thesis must be made a minimum of two semesters prior to the student's expected graduation date. A minimum of two semesters should be allowed for completion of all of the thesis requirements.
  4. Download the registration form for CSC 4999.
    1. Complete an additional three to six credits in honors-designated coursework to meet the minimum requirement of 12 credits, which includes CSC4999, and the Honors Seminar listed above.
    2. Visit the Honors College website for information about additional honors-designated course work available each semester, and download the Honors Option Form to earn Honors credit for a course.

*Please note: these requirements are in addition to other computer science major requirements. They may be incorporated into the Major Plan of Work. Please meet with your computer science academic advisor for further information about the Department of Computer Science Honors program.